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Kalrez® O-Rings, Seals and Parts - Chemical Processing Industries

Proven Performance in the Chemical Processing Industries

Kalrez o-rings and seals provide dependable long-term service in the chemical processing industry, including pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, agricultural chemicals, and polymer production. In sealing applications that require high heat and aggressive chemical resistance, parts made from genuine Kalrez perfluoroelastomer deliver increased reliability and safety, extended service life and design flexibility.

For long-term, reliable service, Kalrez perfluoroelastomer o-rings and seals are a reliable, cost-effective sealing solutions. In aggressive chemical or thermally challenging environments, Kalrez parts have been reducing downtime and extending the mean time between replacements (MTBR) in:

  • Chemical production and transportation
  • Analytical and process control instrumention
  • Petroleum refining operations
  • Agricultural chemicals production
  • Painting and coating operations

In pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints and other equipment, Kalrez parts --- whether they are o-rings, custom shapes or valve stem packing systems --- are proving their value year after year. Their combination of long-term resistance to chemical attack, swelling and elevated temperatures allows chemical companies to reduce costly seal failures, improve MTBR, control fugitive emissions, improve process productivity and avoid contamination of the process stream.

Kalrez Valve Stem Packing Systems (KVSP):
The no-leak valve solution

You can improve valve performance, reduce maintenance costs and limit fugitive emissions from all types of manual and automatic control valves to less than 1 ppm with Kalrez Valve Stem Packing Systems (KVSP).


Kalrez is offered in standard or specialty compounds that have been formulated to optimize properties and give the best performance in specific applications. Kalrez Spectrum™ 6375, 7075, 7090, 6375, 6380 and 0040 are designed to better meet the needs of the chemical processing industry. They offer excellent, broad chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Kalrez Spectrum™ 6375

Kalrez Spectrum™ 6375 has been formulated to work in applications with the widest extremes in chemicals and temperatures. It will work in the harsh environments of ethylene oxide, acids, bases, amines and steam. The curing system allows for a constant upper temperature of 525° F, at least 100 degrees higher than competing elastomers.

Kalrez Spectrum™ 7075

This elastomer is a carbon black-filled compound that has been designed to seal in applications where the temperature is cycling. It has an improved thermal resistance which extends the maximum service temperature to 620° F. Kalrez Spectrum™ 7075 is generally used for o-rings and seals in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries.

Kalrez Spectrum™ 7090

DuPont Kalrez Spectrum™ 7090 perfluoroelastomer parts are specifically targeted for use in applications requiring high hardness/higher modulus properties. These specialty black parts have excellent mechanical properties including compression set resistance, seal force retention, response to temperature cycling effects and rapid gas decompression resistance. Kalrez Spectrum™ 7090 perfluoroelastomer parts are well suited for both static and dynamic sealing applications, especially applications that require extrusion resistance at higher temperatures. They also offer outstanding thermal stability and chemical resistance. A maximum continuous service temperature of 325 °C (617 °F) is suggested. Short excursions to higher temperatures may also be possible.

Kalrez Spectrum™6830

DuPont™ Kalrez Spectrum™ 6380 perfluoroelastomers parts are a non-black product specifically developed for chemical processes involving hot, aggressive amines. In addition, it has excellent overall chemical resistance. This cream colored product is easily identifiable when selecting an o-ring material for harsh chemical plant services. This material has excellent mechanical properties and is a top choice for both static and dynamic sealing applications. A maximum continuous service temperature of 225 °C is suggested while short-term excursions to higher temperatures are permissible.

Kalrez Spectrum™0040

Kalrez Spectrum™ 0040 perfluoroelastomer parts are specifically designed for low-temperature environments where significant chemical resistance is required. Proprietary polymer and cure technology promotes low-temperature sealing performance (-42°C) of Kalrez Spectrum™ 0040 parts to temperatures typically unattainable for perfluoroelastomers parts. Kalrez Spectrum™ 0040 is an excellent choice in applications such as couplings for the chemical transportation industry, or for other applications where chemical resistance and elasticity are required in some of the coldest environments. The volume swell for Kalrez Spectrum™ 0040 is approximately 10% when exposed to nitric acid at 110 °C for 168 hours. Compression set resistance is similar to that of our broad chemically-resistant product, Kalrez Spectrum™ 6375.

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