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Kalrez® O-Rings and Seals

PSP is a DuPont Authorized Distributor for Kalrez seals and o-rings

Kalrez seals work well in tough applications
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We are a DuPont Authorized Distributor of Kalrez O-rings

Kalrez o-rings and seals are the best seals to use in demanding sealing applications where the very strongest elastomer is needed. Kalrez offers superior resistance to chemicals and has excellent high-temperature properties; it will withstand almost all process chemicals. These parts are supplied in standard o-ring shapes and custom seal configurations designed to your specifications. O-rings and seals made from Kalrez wear longer because of the advanced technology DuPont used in developing the elastomer. This reduces maintenance and operating costs and improves safety.

Kalrez o-rings and seals are always manufactured in plants that are ISO 9000 and AS 9100 registered.

Kalrez Spectrum 7075 elastomer
Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 Resists Aggressive Fluids at High Temperatures, Saves Costs in Hilma-Römheld Clamping Systems

Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 O-rings fitted to Hilma-Römheld heavy duty clamping systems resist pressures up to 400 bar, temperatures as high as 250°C, and clamp forces up to1250 kN without leakage of hydraulic fluid, thus minimizing the risk of premature seal failure and significantly reducing costly down-time.

Kalrez parts are available in a number of different compounds, such as Kalrez Spectrum™ 7075. These compounds are formulated to optimize properties and give the best possible performance in various chemicals and temperatures. Modification of the finished properties is achieved by use of fillers and other additives to enhance their performance.

Contact us to take advantage of our technical expertise with Kalrez parts

When using these o-rings and seals it is important to consider all factors such as process chemicals, process temperatures and seal design. Before considering a particular compound, contact us to take advantage of our technical expertise to help you choose the best compound for your application.

Kalrez parts provide reliable, long-term service with a wide range of aggressive industrial and electronic grade chemicals. They are used in highly aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor wafer processing, oil and gas recovery, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

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Critical Properties

Elastomer Comparison Chart for o-rings and seals

Zalak® high performance seals

Kalrez O-ring, seal and part availability

Kalrez Industries

Chemical Processing Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Ultrapure™ Post-Cleaning and Packaging

Kalrez TriLobe™ Seals

Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries

Sanitary O-rings and Seals

FDA Statement of Compliance

Oil and Gas Industries

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