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Kalrez® O-Rings and Seals

PSP is a DuPont Authorized Distributor for Kalrez o-rings and seals

Kalrez Elastomer Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart for the Elastomer Kalrez
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Kalrez perfluoroelastomer o-rings and seals last longer and seal more effectively than o-rings and seals made from other elastomers. This is due to the exceptional chemical resistance and thermal stability of Kalrez.

Chemical Resistance: Kalrez o-rings and seals can withstand attack by more than 1,800 chemicals. These chemicals include many acids and amines that destroy other elastomers. Other elastomers will swell excessively and then fail.

Thermal Stability: Even after long-term exposure to temperatures up to 327C, Kalrez keeps its elasticity and recovers better than other elastomers that are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Kalrez Compatibility Chart:

Hardness durometer
(Shore A)
20 to 90 40 to 80 40 to 95 40 to 80 55 to 95 65 to 95
Tensile strength (lb/in 2) 3,000 2,500 2,500 900 2,500 2,000
Wear resistance G G G N G G
Fireproof hydraulic fluids R VG N VG R E
Lubricating oils G N G E E E
Fuel oils R N G E E E
Hydraulic oils G N E E E E
Vegetable Oils G R E E E E
Animal Fats G R E E E E
Petrol (normal) R N VG E E E
Petrol (high-octane) N N G E E E
Kerosene R N VG E E E
Aromatic hydrocarbons N N R VG E E
Aliphatic hydrocarbons G N VG E E E
Water (under 80C) R E VG E E E
Water (above 80C) N E R E E E
Alcohols E E VG E E E
Ketones N G N N N E
Concentrated acids N R N G VG E
Diluted acids G G R VG E E
Alkalis G VG R R N E
Halogenated solvents N N R VG VG VG
Max. temp. at continuous service 105C 135C 135C 200C 204C 327C
Compression set VG G VG G VG G
Flame-resistant yes no no no yes yes

E = Excellent, VG= Very Good, G= Good, R = Reasonable, N = Not recommended. Data has been drawn from DuPont and industry sources. Data is presented for use only as a general guide and should not be the basis for design decisions.

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