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Kalrez O-Rings and Seals
Kalrez TriLobe™ Seals

Longer Seal Life With a Unique Seal Design Plus Kalrez Superior Material Performance

The seal life span in dovetail grooves has been extended by DuPont's new seal design, the Trilobe™ Seal. In this design the excellent chemical, thermal and plasma resistance of Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts is combined with a unique cross-sectional shape that eliminates many of the problems associated with semi-dynamic seal applications using a dovetail groove. These problems include installation difficulties as well as short seal life and particle generation due to seal wear and degradation.

TriLobe Seal Diagram 1

TriLobe Seal Diagram 2

Features and Benefits of the TriLobe™ Seal

  • Molded notch makes installation a snap!
    • Reduces installation time
    • Avoids improper installation
  • Geometry interlocks in groove to prevent seal from rolling and twisting during installation.
  • Bottom lobes lock seal in place to resist pullout and movement during actuation.
  • Seal parting lines are maintained below the flange surface, eliminating direct exposure to plasma or process chemicals.
  • Seal design and compound selection combine to yield REDUCED PARTICLE GENERATION and SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED SEAL LIFE!

Typical TriLobe™ Seal Applications

Slit valve doors, gate valves and other semi-dynamic sealing applications that utilize a dovetail groove configuration.

Proven Performance

During the evaluation phase for this new product, samples were submitted for evaluation at OEMs and FAB lines. Initial evaluations have focused around slit valve door seal applications in a variety of processes using different equipment platforms. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. FAB lines are delighted with the ease of installation. Moreover, some customers have reported as much as 3X improvement in seal life over that of a standard O-ring configuration. Experience the difference and increase your mean time between failures.


  • Molds have already been developed for a number of common slit valve door seal part sizes.
  • A Kalrez TriLobe™ seal can be developed to fit any size dovetail groove.
  • The TriLobe™ seal is available in a variety of Kalrez compounds. As an authorized distributor, we can help you determine the best compound to optimize seal performance for your set of process conditions.
  • Contact us for pricing and availability.

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