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You may be surprised to know there are over ten grades of DuPont Viton™ to choose from for molded parts. Each grade has its own set of chemical and physical properties that differentiates it from the rest. PSP’s expert team is well versed in these grades’ differences and can give you invaluable help selecting the best choice based on your application’s specifics. Our material expertise goes well beyond Viton™, and we can recommend the proper elastomer for your application. The most frequently recommended materials include Nitrile, EPDM, PTFE and silicone, as well as those detailed in this site’s Materials section. Here are some important parameters to consider in material selection:

  • Medium – What will be sealed? What gases or liquids will the seal be exposed to?
  • Temperature – During the application’s operation, what temperature range will it experience? Both the upper and lower operating temperature ranges are critical information.
  • Maximum operating pressure – This is for selecting material hardness to determine if an anti-extrusion device is required.
  • Static versus dynamic motion – During operation, is it a static part or will there be dynamic motion? Some compounds only operate well in static applications and are quickly worn in dynamic environments.

Beyond environmental considerations and chemical resistance, cost of materials is paramount. During the material selection process, cost is factored into the final recommendation. PSP always recommends the least expensive polymer if there are several appropriate choices.


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