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Metal Detectable O-rings and Seals

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Metal detectable sealing materials are an easy and cost effective solution to the detection of contamination from broken seal pieces in the food, dairy, and beverage industries. When a piece of rubber breaks off from a seal on a moving part due to excessive wear or improper installation, it can migrate through your sanitary system and enter into your product stream. Locating fragmented rubber pieces can be a costly and time consuming process with x-ray equipment or visual inspection. The financial risk of undiscovered pieces of rubber in the process stream can have an even costlier outcome should the product require a recall.

Metal detectable sealing materials are detectable by standard in-line metal detectors which may already be part of your product inspection process. Fragments as small as 2 mm can be identified by metal detector equipment. Should a seal fragment be identified by the detector, the product can be immediately segregated from the process stream saving time and money. Metal detectable sealing products can eliminate product recall, reduce product loss and lower the risk of rubber particles consumed in the finished product.

Metal detectable o-rings and seals are manufactured from FDA compliant grades of black and blue nitrile rubber (NBR), fluoroelastomer (FKM/ Viton®), silicone (VMQ) and EPDM.

Metal Detector

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Features of Metal Detectable O-rings and Seals include:

Early detection and containment of contamination.

Reduced product loss.

Availablility in a variety of elastomers.

  • Black and Blue Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM/ Viton®)
  • Silicone (VMQ)
  • EPDM

Complies with all FDA requirements for food contact.

Hygienic seal designs and o-rings are available.

Particles are detectable up to 2 mm in size.

Blue seals make identification easy.

Applications for metal detectable o-rings and seals include:

  • Food Process Equipment
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing

Elastomer Materials:

70 Durometer Black FDA Metal Detectable NBR
70 Durometer Blue FDA Metal Detectable NBR
70 Durometer Red FDA Metal Detectable Silicone
75 Durometer Black FDA Metal Detectable FKM
70 Durometer Black FDA Metal Detectable EPDM


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