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O-ring and Seal Design Theory

O-ring and Seal Design Theory
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Seal Design Theory The use of an o-ring as a seal is mainly to prevent the transfer of fluid (liquid, solid or gas) between two or more regions. The components of the seal are the o-ring itself and the contact surfaces. The elastomeric o-ring relies on a compressive force acting on the o-ring to prevent the transfer of fluid between regions. Successful seal design ensures adequate seal compressive force while optimizing the destructive stress acting on the o-ring as a result of the compression or of the environment.

Three Models for Characterizing Viscoelastic Behavior Are:

  1. Maxwell Model (dashpot and spring in series)
  2. Kelvin (Voigt) Model (dashpot and spring in parallel)
  3. Standard Linear Solid (dashpot and spring in series with a spring in parallel).*

O-ring and Seal Design Topics

Incompressibility, Viscoelasticity and Thermomechanical Considerations

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Static Seal Gland Design

Static Gland Dimensions - Axial-Static Glands

Static Gland Dimensions - Axial Vacuum - Static Glands

Static Gland Dimensions - Trapezoidal Vacuum

Static Gland Dimensions - Conical

Static Gland Dimensions - Tube Fitting Boss Seals

Static Gland Dimensions - Radial

Dynamic Seal Gland Design

Dynamic Gland Dimensions - Rotary Seals

Dynamic Gland Dimensions - Reciprocating Seals

Gland Design 1 - Special Considerations, Part 1

Gland 2 - Special Considerations, Part 2

Gland 3 - Special Considerations, Part 3

Elastomers for Semiconductor Plasma Environments

O-Rings and Seals in Vacuum Environments


Outgassing and Vacuum Weight Loss

Trapped Gas

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