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Viton™ O-rings and Seals
Table of Contents

Viton O-rings and Seals Table of Contents

FKM Fluorocarbon o-rings and seals solve problems in tough sealing applications

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Viton O-rings Are Made From FKM, The World's First Fluoroelastomer

Viton o-rings and seals are made from the world's most specified fluoroelastomer which is well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. Viton offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has worldwide ISO 9000 registration. There are differences between types of Viton in terms of chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

Whether your application is automotive, chemical processing or any number of other industrial applications, there is a particular type of Viton that best meets your specific performance requirements. The general purpose types differ primarily from the specialty types in chemical resistance. In the specialty family, the choice is among four types that are tailored for superior fluid resistance, low-temperature performance or combinations of these properties.

Viton O-rings and Seals Last Longer

Viton Has Superior Thermal Stability

Viton Chemical Resistance

Viton Permeation Resistance To Reduce Emissions

Selecting the Type of Viton O-ring That Is Best For You

Viton Consists of Several Families of Polymers

Comparison of General Use and High Performance Grades

Viton Properties

Material Compatibility of Viton Types and Biofuels

Viton O-rings in Automotive Applications


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