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Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

O-ring and seal issues in the chemical processing industry.
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The chemical processing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which encompasses businesses from major global chemical giants to tier component suppliers to small entrepreneurial pump and valve companies. Functions include the refining, manufacturing, and transportation of petroleum or chemicals from basic chemistry to converted organic and inorganic compositions.

Downstream operations such as utility companies, waste and water treatment operations, and general industrial conversion facilities also fall under the description of chemical processing industry.

A vast array of suppliers who support and service chemical processing industry include original equipment manufacturers, maintenance and repair facilities, and distributors.


  • Old specifications for o-rings and seals, if they exist, are not adequate nor specific
  • Facilities do not know what o-rings or seals they receive
  • Part suppliers and distributors are reluctant to reveal their sources for o-rings and seals
  • O-rings and seals vary tremendously in land of origin, compositional integrity, seal performance, and consistency of quality
  • New OSHA regulations place responsibility for mechanical integrity of process equipment, including o-rings and seals, on the chemical processing industry facility
  • Plant engineers and equipment specifiers need factual guidance on how to specify and receive the correct o-rings and seals


  • Tightening regulations
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Greater responsibility for worker and community safety
  • Increased liability and penalties for non-compliance
  • Changing product lines (cleaner burning fuels, complex additives)
  • Convergence of suppliers
  • Improved process equipment uptime and universal performance
  • Increased productivity demands
  • Extended warranties and improved product quality

Problem Solving Products, Inc. is firmly committed to providing quality o-rings and seals to the chemical processing industry.

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