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Mechanical Seal Application Limits

Typical PV – Limits of face material combinations in non-lubricating fluids, i.e. watery substances

PV = face pressure x velocity

Is an indicator for the severity of an application

Is limited in usefulness

For lubricating fluids multiply number by 1.5

Primary Ring Mating Ring PV Limit
(MPa x m/s)
PV Limit
(psi x ft/min)
Glass-Filled PTFE Ceramic / Silicon Carbide 6.13 25,000
Carbon Cast Iron 24.52 100,000
Carbon Ceramic 24.52 100,000
Carbon Tungsten Carbide 122.59 500,000
Carbon Silicon Carbide 147.11 600,000
Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide 24.92 120,000
Silicon Carbide Silicon Carbide 85.81 350,000

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