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Simriz® Applications

Characteristic Industry Sealing Examples
Chemical Resistance Chemical Processing Mechanical Seals and O-rings, Filters, Flanges, Valves
  Petroleum Refining Mechanical Seals and O-rings, Flanges, Valves
  Instrumentation Sensors, Collectors, Sample Vials
  Semiconductor Wet Stations, Filters, Valves
  Automotive Fuel and Oil Systems
  Paints and Coatings Cannisters, Spray Guns
Plasma Resistance Semiconductor Chamber Lid, Slit Valve, Quartz Tube Joints
Thermal Stability Chemical Processing Mechanical Seals and O-rings, Flanges
  Petroleum Refining Mechanical Sealing Products, Flanges
  Semiconductor Furnace Doors, Quartz Tubes
  Automotive Sensors
Low Contamination Semiconductor Valves, Reactor Sealing Products, Vacuum Components
  Instrumentation Vacuum Components, Sensors

Call and talk to our engineers with any questions about your application. They are always ready to help you solve your sealing problems and this can almost always be done over the phone and fax machine.

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