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O-ring and Seal Design Analysis

Analysis of the o-ring or seal application is crucial to the understanding of possible failure. Most o-ring and seal design is performed by component suppliers and equipment manufacturers. The design is refined as experience is gained. As quickly as process technology changes, however, the experience gained with the o-ring or seal design may not be relevant to the latest process technology. Vacuum applications have historically relied on high levels of compression and gland fill to reduce permeation and trapped gases. These techniques, when applied to new materials, or at higher operating temperatures, can result in premature o-ring or seal failure.

The o-ring and seal design and application can provide information about the cause of failure:

  • Static O-ring and Seals -
    axial and radial, confined or unconfined

  • Dynamic O-rings and Seals -
    axial (open-close) or radial (reciprocating or rotary)

  • Sealing Gland Dimensions -
    shape (square, trapezoidal, etc.)

  • Installation Procedures -

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