o-rings and seals

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O-Rings and Seals
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 o-rings, cord, lathe cut rings  O-Rings
Lathe Cut Rings
Static & dynamic seal. The O-ring is the simplest, most ingenious and effective sealing device. Because of its simple construction, the O-ring is readily adaptable to applications with limited space. It will effect a dependable dynamic and static seal through wide ranges of pressures and temperatures. Cord stock is also available in a full range of cross sections.
back-ups  Back-Ups Anti-extrusion device. Back-ups are recommended for all O-ring applications with pressures over 1000 P.S.I. Available in contoured Nitrile; solid, split and spiral TFE. Back
   X- Rings Four-lobed O-ring. The X-Ring actually provides twice the number of sealing surfaces as an O-ring. The four-lobe design offers lower fiction than an O-ring, and due to the square cross section it resists spiral twist. Back
   Poly Seals Single acting rod & piston seal. A pre-loaded elastomeric spring insures positive lip-contact at low pressure and vacuum conditions. The hydrostatic transfer of pressure through the elastomeric spring to the sealing lips provide a positive seal at high pressures. Excellent rod & piston seal for pressures to 5000 P.S.I. Back
 disogrin u-cups  Disogrin U-Cups Single acting rod & piston seal. RO, PI & SY. An unloaded u-cup which provides lower friction in heavy duty rod and piston applications. Engineered for close tolerance and high pressure applications. Back
 z-seals  Z-Seals Single acting rod & piston seal. This seal is a squeeze type seal, combining the excellent sealability of an elastomeric seal element with the anti-extrusion characteristics of a hard thermoplastic base. Back
   Modular Bearing Anti-extrusion bearing ring. Modular bearings are incorporated with rod seals to prevent extrusion and compensate for side loading. Generally made of a hard thermoplastic material. Back
 spectra seals  Spectra Seals Spring energized TFE seal. This seal consists of a U-shaped jacket made from various TFE's, and is energized by a V-spring element. It's exceptional operating temperature range, chemical resistance, low-friction, and no-freeze characteristics allows for a wide range of uses. Back
   K-Seals Single acting rod & piston seals for pneumatic applications. A light action seal designed primarily for nonlubricated pneumatic systems. Its unique design offers low friction, positive sealing, and long life generally expected from polyurethane. Back















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