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O-Rings and Seals
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Product Description
Piston Cups Single & double acting piston seal. Available in a composite rubber impregnated cotton, duck, homogeneous rubber, and urethane materials. Piston cups require a follower plate to hold the cup to the piston. Back
 Double Acting P-Cups Piston head assembly double acting seal. Made of homogeneous rubber bonded to a steel insert. This seal is designed to be bolted directly to the rod, thus making a simple, dependable, and cost effective piston seal. Back
 Cat Lock Nuts Lock nut. Manufactured from the finest quality steel, and heat treated to offer the proper strength for critical locking applications. Back
 Buffer Rings Rod buffer ring. The buffer ring acts as a cushion seal in applications where shock loading is severe. The use of a buffer will increase rod seal life. Back
 Wear Rings Bearing rings of rods & pistons. Wear rings are non-metallic bearings that support, guide and reduce friction between the fixed and reciprocating parts of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Back
 Vee Packing Rod & piston seal single & double acting seal. A multi-lip seal set consisting of top and bottom adaptors, and a number of Vee rings to provide the sealing surfaces. Generally used as valve stem packing, downhole applications, and multi-stage telescopic cylinders. Back
 V-Seals Rotary shaft seal Types: VA, VE, VL, VS. The V-ring is made entirely of rubber. It is mounted on and rotates with the shaft. The lip seals against the housing, and the body of the seal holds the lip in position as well as seals against the shaft. Back
 Caps & Plugs Polyethylene & viny protectors. Inexpensive and versatile, tapered caps and plugs are used to protect tubing, threaded and machined parts from moisture, dust, and impact damage. Back
 Thread Fitting Plugs Polyethylene threaded protectors. Plastic threaded protectors designed to fit flared and flareless hydraulic fittings, SAE O-rings ports, NPT pipe fittings, tube ends, and E.U.E. Back
Sleeve Mesh Protective netting. A stretchable plastic webbing material that protects smooth, threaded, machined, painted, or plated cylindrical parts. Available in mini or maxi coils. Back
Valve Seal TFE seat rings & stem packing. TFE seat rings available for various types of valves. U-packers, fabric vee sets, and fabric/TFE vee sets available as stem packing for OEM replacement. Back















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