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O-Rings and Seals
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  Product Description
 piston rings Piston Rings Square section double acting. A low cost, but effective seal for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. An excellent low friction, highly pressure sensitive sealing product in high frequency cylinders. Back
piston rings Rectangular section double acting. An effective and low cost piston ring. The rectangular shape has added stability to contend with shock loading. These seals also offer low friction and are highly pressure sensitive. Back
  Agricultural double acting. This piston ring offer the same characteristics as the Rectangular Section Piston Ring. Commonly found on J.I. Case, John Deere, and White equipment. Back
  Chem-Cast double acting. This piston ring consists of a reinforced thermoplastic OD sealing ring and an oval elastomeric expander ring. The Chem-Cast piston ring is an excellent seal at pressures to 50,000 P.S.I. Back
  Cast Iron double acting. This ring is specially alloyed to provide an excellent combination of wear characteristics, temperature stability and impact strength for most standard hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Back
  CAT Style 2-piece double acting. This rectangular section piston ring incorporates a Moly PTFE seal element for lower friction characteristics, with a rectangular Nitrile expander. The most common piston ring on Caterpillar. Back
   T-Seals Double acting rod & piston seal. For use in long stroke hydraulic applications when spiral failure due to rolling in the seal groove has occurred. The T-Seal has hard nylon back-up rings to prevent extrusion at high pressures. Back
  Capped T-Seal 4-piece double acting. This seal is a high pressure, high performance seal. It has excellent extrusion resistance and low friction and wear characteristics. Found on Caterpillar, Hitachi, & John Deere equipment. Back
   Homo U-Cups Rubber rod & piston seal. A low cost compact seal for pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic cylinders. An effective rod and piston seal on actuating cylinders. Back
 crown seals Crown Seals Double acting rod & piston seal. The crown seal is double acting, requiring one groove for a piston application. This seal will directly interchange in the grooves designed for T-Seals, O-Rings, & X-Rings. Back















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