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Viton™ O-rings and Seals in
Automotive Applications

Viton FKM O-rings in Automotive Applications

Maximum Performance in Tough Automotive Sealing Applications

FKM fluorocarbon is used for o-rings and seals in the automotive industry

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Since its introduction as the pioneer fluoroelastomer, Viton (FKM fluorocarbon) has helped establish a new standard of performance for today's advanced fuel and engine systems. Now it is even more effective against extremes of heat, chemicals, fuel mixtures and fuel additives because it is an essential element for meeting today's and tomorrow's more stringent requirements.

Viton is the polymer of choice for fuel seals, head and intake manifold gaskets, quick-connect o-rings, fuel injection seals of all descriptions, caulks, and advanced fuel hose components.

In an era of longer warrantees, hotter engines, more aggressive lubricants and stricter environmental regulations pushing traditional elastomers to their limit, designers routinely look to Viton to replace less thermally and chemically-stable materials.

From caulks to compounds, there is a Viton product and grade for every need. No wonder Viton fluorocarbon remains the most requested and specified fluoroelastomer for tough automotive sealing applications.

Design Advantages

  • Application Range -30°C to 225°C with intermittent exposure to 285°C
  • Resists hydrocarbons and sour gasoline
  • Excellent dynamic properties
  • Low permeation rates
  • Solvent, acid and base resistant
  • Low compression set

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