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Glossary - F's

Face seal, flange seal (r) an axial contact seal.

Fatigue life (dynamic) (r) the number of deformations required to produce a specified state of fatigue breakdown in a test piece or product that is deformed under a prescribed set of conditions.

Field oxide (sc) the region on an electrical device where the oxide serves the function of a dielectric.

Field-effect transistor (FET) (sc) a transistor consisting of a source, gate and drain, whose action depends on the flow of majority carriers past the gate from the source to the drain. The flow is controlled by the transverse electric field under the gate.

Filler (r) a solid compounding material, usually in finely divided form, which may be added in relatively large proportions to a polymer for technical or economic reasons.

Fissure (r) a surface split or crack.

Flash (r) the excess material protruding from the surface of a molded article at the mold junctions.

Flex life (r) the number of cycles required to produce a specified state of failure in a specimen that is flexed in a prescribed method.

Flow (sc) a process step in which the wafer temperature is elevated so that the deposited PSG or BPSG surface layer’s topography smoothes out due to the film’s low viscosity at elevated temperatures. The flow temperature is primarily dependent on incorporation of the dopant.

Flow marks (r) marks or lines on a molded product, caused by imperfect fusion or “knitting”of material.

Fluorocarbon elastomer (r) also known as fluoroelastomer.

Fluorosilicone (r) a fluorinated silicone elastomer.

Foam stabilizer (latex) (r) a substance used in the preparation of latex foam to help stabilize the foam latex before gelation, drying and vulcanization.

Formula (r) a list of the materials and their amounts used in the preparation of a compound.

Frequency the number of periodic oscillations, vibrations or waves per unit of time.

Furnace (sc) a piece of equipment containing a resistanceheated element and a temperature controller. It is used to maintain a region of constant temperature with a controlled atmosphere for the processing of semiconductor devices.

Furnace carbon black (r) type of carbon black produced by the decomposition reaction of hydrocarbons when injected into a high-velocity stream of combustion gases under controlled conditions.

(sc) This term is generally associated with the semiconductor industry.
(r) This term is generally associated with the rubber industry.

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