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Glossary - G's

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) (sc) a semiconductor material with the advantage of producing radiation-resistant and higherspeed devices than those produced using silicon as a substrate.

Gamma radiation (sc) the emission of high-energy photons.

Gasket (r) a deformable material clamped between essentially stationary faces to prevent the passage of matter through an opening or joint.

Gate oxide (sc) a thin, high-quality silicon dioxide film that causes the induction of charge, creating a channel between source and drain regions of an MOS transistor.

Gel, dry rubber (r) the portion of unvulcanized rubber insoluble in a chosen solvent.

Gland (r) a cavity into which a seal is installed.

Grain (r) anisotropy introduced into rubber during processing operations.

Gum compound (r) a rubber compound containing only those ingredients necessary for vulcanization and small amounts of other ingredients for processing, coloring and improving the resistance to aging.

(sc) This term is generally associated with the semiconductor industry.
(r) This term is generally associated with the rubber industry.

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Our specialty is solving sealing problems for original equipment manufacturers. We carry o-rings, seals, custom molded rubber parts, wipers, diaphrams, valves and u-cups in all types of materials including Kalrez®, FKM fluorocarbon, Simriz®, nitrile (buna-n), silicone, rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, TFE and FEP encapsulated.



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