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Glossary - H's

Hardness (r) a material’s ability to resist a distorting force (indentor point).

Heat buildup (r) the accumulation of thermal energy generated within a material as a result of hysteresis, evidenced by an increase in temperature.

Hertz (Hz) an international unit for frequency—the number of cycles per second.

Hole (sc) the absence of a valence electron in a semiconductor crystal. Motion of a hole is equivalent to motion of a positive charge.

Homogeneous having uniform composition or structure.

Homogenization (r) repeated passage of raw rubber through a mill or other mixing device, under specified conditions, to ensure uniformity.

Homopolymer (r) a polymer formed from a single monomer species.

Hybrid integrated circuit (sc) a structure consisting of an assembly of one or more semiconductor devices and a thin-film integrated circuit on a single substrate, usually ceramic.

Hydrogen bonding unusually strong dipole-dipole attractions that occur among molecules in which hydrogen is bonded to a highly electronegative atom.

Hydrophilic affinity toward water (water-loving); a hydrophilic surface is one that will allow water to spread across it in large puddles.

Hydrophobic aversion to water; a hydrophobic surface will not allow large puddles of water, but rather will form droplets. These surfaces are often termed “de-wetted.”

Hydroscopic attracts and absorbs water.

Hysteresis the lagging of strain behind stress during deformation.

(sc) This term is generally associated with the semiconductor industry.
(r) This term is generally associated with the rubber industry.

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Our specialty is solving sealing problems for original equipment manufacturers. We carry o-rings, seals, custom molded rubber parts, wipers, diaphrams, valves and u-cups in all types of materials including Kalrez®, FKM fluorocarbon, Simriz®, nitrile (buna-n), silicone, rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, TFE and FEP encapsulated.



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