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Glossary - T's

Target (sc) the material to be sputtered during the sputtering process.

Tear (r) mechanical rupture initiated and propagated at a site of high stress concentration caused by a cut, defect or localized deformation.

Tear strength (r) the maximum force required to tear a specified specimen, the force acting substantially parallel to the major axis of the test specimen.

Tensile set (r) the extension remaining after a specimen has been stretched and allowed to retract in a specified manner expressed as a percentage of the original length.

Tensile strength the maximum tensile stress applied during stretching a specimen to rupture.

Tensile stress a stress applied to stretch a test piece (specimen).

Tension fatigue (r) fracture, through crack growth, of a component or test specimen subjected to a repeated tensile deformation.

Tension set (r) the strain remaining after a test piece or product has been stretched and allowed to retract.

Terpolymer (r) a polymer formed from three monomer species.

Thermal carbon black (r) type of carbon black produced under controlled conditions by the thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon gases in the absence of air or flames.

Thermal degradation (r) irreversible and undesirable change in the properties of a material due to exposure to heat.

Thermal diffusion (sc) a process by which dopant atoms diffuse into the wafer surface by heating the wafer in the range of 1,000°C and exposing it to vapors containing the desired dopant.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) (r) a diverse family of rubberlike materials that, unlike conventional vulcanized rubbers, can be processed and recycled like thermoplastic materials.

Topography the characteristic of a surface referring to its degree of flatness and smoothness.

Torr pressure unit; international standard unit replacing the English measure, millimeters of mercury (mm-Hg).

TR-10 (r) a test method for approximating the low-temperature capabilities of an elastomer.

Transistor (sc) a semiconductor device that uses a stream of charge carriers to produce active electronic effects. The name originated from the electrical characteristic of “transfer resistance.”

Transition, first order (r) a reversible change in phase of a material; in the case of polymers, usually crystallization or melting.

Transition, glass (Tg ) (r) the reversible physical change in a material from a viscous or rubbery state to a brittle, glassy state.

(sc) This term is generally associated with the semiconductor industry.
(r) This term is generally associated with the rubber industry.

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