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Types of Polymers

thermoplastics type

1. Thermoplastics (can be melted with the application of heat).

  • Crystalline
    crystallize when cooled
  • Amorphous
    no crystallization when cooled
  • Semicrystallin
    polymers which contain both crystalline and amorphous segments
  2. Thermosets (degrade rather than melt with the application of heat)
elastomers type 3. Elastomers (cross-linked)

plastics are rigid long-chain polymersPlastics are rigid long-chain polymers which are not usually connected or cross-linked. Plastics can either be thermoplastic-meaning they can be heated and cooled without changing propertiesor - thermoset, where an increase in temperature changes the chemical structure and properties. As a class, plastics have low elongation and high elongation set.

elastomers are long-chain polymersElastomers are flexible long-chain polymers which are capable of cross-linking. Cross-linking chemically bonds polymer chains which can prevent reversion to a non-cross-linked polymer at elevated temperatures. The cross-link is the key to the elastic, or rubbery, properties of these materials. The elasticity provides resiliency in sealing applications.

thermoplastic elastomersThermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) often combine the properties of elastomers with the ease of processability of thermoplastics. They are the result of a physical combination of soft, elastic polymer segments and hard, crystalline segments which are capable of cross-linking. Thermoplastic elastomers are generally classified by their structure rather than their chemical makeup.

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