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Kalrez News 1 - Article 14

DuPont Dow to Demonstrate Latest Advances in Process Sealing With New Kalrez® Perfluoroelastomer and Viton® Fluoroelastomer Products

DuPont Dow Elastomers, Hall 9, Stand H36-H38, ACHEMA 2003

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News Release from DuPont (Formerly named DuPont Dow Elastomers when this article was written)


At ACHEMA 2003, DuPont Dow Elastomers will demonstrate step changes in chemical and hydrocarbon process sealing technology since the 2000 expo, with the unveiling of its most recent high performance, Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 perfluoroelastomer parts for severe sealing applications, and the latest specialty types of Viton® fluoroelastomer made with Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) called Viton® TBR-S and Viton® ETP-S for improved oil and base resistance. These new products fulfill demands from plant managers and maintenance engineers for longer seal service life and extended uptime, despite increasingly aggressive operating environments. The company will also launch its updated Chemical Resistance Guide, an online seal design and compound selection service advising on the performance of 20 elastomers in more than 1,000 chemicals.

Innovation in industry standard for severe sealing

Kalrez Spectrum 7075 for chemical processing industry and other severe sealing applications

At ACHEMA 2003, DuPont Dow Elastomers will showcase Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 perfluoroelastomer parts for longer seal life and increased mean time between repairs in severe chemical process sealing applications. A key focus will also be the latest specialty types of Viton® fluoroelastomers made with Advanced Polymer Architecture, which, depending on type, endow O-rings, pump diaphragms and valve seals with outstanding resistance to strong basic chemicals, oils and bases, acids, hot water and steam.
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Designed as a high-performance offering for critical sealing components, Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 perfluoroelastomer parts build on the exceptional performance of Kalrez® 4079 to set a new industry standard for severe sealing applications. Customers will benefit from longer seal life and increased mean time between repairs (MTBR) due to very low compression set, enhanced sealing force retention and higher thermal resistance, up to 327°C. In addition, Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7075 offers broader chemical resistance and better cool down set recovery than Kalrez® 4079, and provides a smoother, glossier finish than other Kalrez® products.

A new generation of fluoroelastomers

At ACHEMA, DuPont Dow will launch new generation Viton® TBR-S and ETP-S grades made with APA polymers for the first time. Viton® TBR-S (Total Base Resistance) provides an optimum balance of resistance to strong basic chemicals and low-volume swell in one product. ETP-S represents the best performing Viton® fluoroelastomer in terms of extreme resistance to oils and bases.

Also showcased will be Viton® GBL-S, a special CPI candidate that provides improved resistance to acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, and to hot water and steam where it excels without the need for toxic lead oxide to counter swell. These new fluoroelastomers are the result of a USD 50 million investment in proprietary new polymerization and curing technology at DuPont Dow's facility in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

About DuPont Dow Elastomers

DuPont Dow Elastomers, a global supplier of specialty elastomers with global headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, is a joint venture between the DuPont Company and The Dow Chemical Company, with more than US $1 billion in sales. The company is the industry leader in chloroelastomers, ethylene elastomers and fluorinated elastomers, serving the automotive, chemical, construction, general rubber and wire and cable industries.

Kalrez® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Kalrez® Spectrum™is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Viton® was a registered trademark of DuPont at the time the article was written and is now a registered trademark of the Chemours Company.

* © Photographer: DuPont Performance Elastomers

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